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    DIY Stand Alone Rain Collector

    Dave Anders
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    DIY Stand Alone Rain Collector Empty DIY Stand Alone Rain Collector

    Post by Dave Anders on Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:46 pm


    When living off grid your sources for water are usually limited. Often we resort to using rain water barrel systems for collecting water, diy garbage can barrel system as well as digging wells for cleaner drinking water. Another great option you can consider is this diy stand alone rain collector.

    Unlike the common rain barrel systems, this one does not require the use of roofs and or gutters. You can even set this up, smack dead in the center of your garden. This will provide you easy access to water for your garden. I can think of so many people right now, who would absolutely love the idea of easily accessible garden water on the homestead!

    diy stand alone rain collector
    Photo credit: instructables.com
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    Here’s What You’ll Need:

    water tank
    pvc tubes
    tube snaps
    tension straps
    metal straps
    key rings
    pond net
    canvas or tarp
    cable clamps
    table top (optional)
    shelf supports
    hand drill
    tape measure
    sewing machine (optional)
    duct tape
    Begin by drilling holes into your central support PVC tube for water flow into tank. Then drill more holes in each quadrant, which you will attach the tube snaps to. Connect 4 smaller pipes around the central tube using tension straps as well as the stronger metal straps. Move on to cutting the sections of the canvas as instructed and then sewing them together.

    Cut your wires for securing the canvas to the structure and another set of 4 for anchoring to the ground. Make a hole in the tank cover, that the central tube can fit into. Optionally you can add a table top to work on, on top of the tank. All that is left is to find the perfect location and assemble your rain water collector.

    You can follow step by step instructions on Instructables, here…

    DIY Stand Alone Rain Collector

    You can watch the video below on diy stand alone rain collector…


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